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"Johnson & Montas, P.A. represented me after I had been in a horrific, out of state, automobile accident. I had never experienced an automobile accident of any sort and to think about all of the legalities that would be necessary, in respect to state-to-state law, I knew Johnson & Montas was the only firm to turn to. From the office staff, to the paralegals and the attorney's - I was treated with great integrity, respect and profound professionalism. I have extreme appreciation and gratitude for each and everyone in this law firm. Thank You Johnson & Montas for everything you have done for me and all that you continue to do for others!"



"Marielena Tynan represented me in 2013 for a very difficult divorce that also involved time sharing arrangements for my two children. Mrs. Tynan demonstrated a high level of legal professionalism, alongside a very passionate concern for what was in my children's best interest. Without her, I have no doubt that my divorce would have been a much more daunting process for myself and my children."



"I was divorced in February of 2014, Changing moments will present you with many decisions to be made. Emotional concerns that will require you to have and need guidance, support and professionalism in order to move forward in life. Child support, Property and Automotive legalities will also play a part of your responsibilities in the end. Attorney Marielena Feliciano-Tynan was there to address all of my concerns in a timely manner. Professionalism at its Finest with the legal firm of Johnson & Montas, if ever I needed legal advice there is no question who I would choose or recommend to others. Johnson & Montas."  



"Johnson & Montas represented us with regard to an injury to our minor daughter. It was a difficult and emotional situation, and we were grateful for the insight and guidance provided by Attorney Karen M. Montas. She was able to negotiate a fair settlement without going to trial so that we were able to put the matter behind us and go on with our lives."



"Karen was my lawyer several years back when I was in a car accident. She was incredibly kind and patient. She took the time to explain the process to me in a way I could understand. She answered all of my questions and even gave me advice after my case had finished. I was so happy with her as my lawyer that I recommended she represent my son and my husband when they both got into separate car accidents."