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Importance of medical records after personal injury

Violent accidents occur on a regular basis. When the cause involves the negligence of another party, the person who is suffering may have a successful personal injury claim.

Some people may think that they just need to seek treatment for the injury, such as visiting a chiropractor. Though this may aid in alleviating the pain, it does not help to build a case sufficiently. There are a few reasons why medical records from a doctor are critical.


Proper medical records may serve as documentation during a case. When hurt individuals visit a medical facility directly after an incident, it shows some urgency and therefore helps to validate the severity of the injury. Having a written form of the doctor's diagnosis also helps to further verify a claimant's assertion in regard to a personal injury case. 


Medical records are a great form of evidence in a claim. A major component of a personal injury case is proving that injury did occur. Being able to show medical costs and possible future costs aids in creating a compelling case. This may be crucial in getting the victim the full claim amount. According to Florida's comparative fault statute, the claimant may hold some responsibility for the accident, and in such cases, the courts reduce the award amount according to the percent of fault that the claimant holds.

Proof of damages

Doctors examine patients and make their determination about the exact nature of an injury, as well as the necessary medical treatment. By doing so, they help to create proof of damages. Utilizing medical bills is the easiest way to calculate damages for a personal injury case.

Because medical records are so valuable to a personal injury case, anyone who is considering bringing a claim against a negligent driver should make sure to obtain the proper medical records. Doing so may help to solidify the case.

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