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What to do about injuries after a car accident

Thanks to extreme reports in the news and the dramatization in movies and TV shows, you may believe that most accidents involving injuries are life-and-death scenarios. You may think it will be obvious when you have to go to the emergency room or will suffer from long-term debilitation after a motor vehicle collision.

On the contrary, most nonfatal accidents may or may not result in recognizable injury. This unpredictability is the reason why you should always address your health after an accident in the following ways.

Not all assets are equal in divorce

Now that you and your spouse have had an important talk about the state of your marriage, you both have decided that it is best for you to go your separate ways and divorce. As heart-wrenching as this decision seems, you know it must happen so you both can move on with your lives in Rockledge. 

You may think that you can speed things up and resolve your divorce by splitting things in half equally. However, not all marital assets are equal. You should carefully review every possible outcome to ensure that you are not getting an unfavorable settlement. Here are some things for you to consider when negotiating your divorce. 

Importance of medical records after personal injury

Violent accidents occur on a regular basis. When the cause involves the negligence of another party, the person who is suffering may have a successful personal injury claim.

Some people may think that they just need to seek treatment for the injury, such as visiting a chiropractor. Though this may aid in alleviating the pain, it does not help to build a case sufficiently. There are a few reasons why medical records from a doctor are critical.

What to do when you are pulled over for DUI in Florida

A night out on the town can turn into a night behind bars if you drive with a blood alcohol content that is over the legal limit. Today, there are several convenient alternatives to getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking, such as calling a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or the old method of selecting a designated driver. When it comes to avoiding a DUI conviction, the best advice that we can offer is to choose one of these alternatives from the get-go, as many drivers who drink fail to realize the extent of their drunkenness until they are pulled over by law enforcement. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there are upwards of 30,000 DUI arrests each year in Florida alone. In our practice, we deal with these arrests on a daily basis, and there are some things you should know in case you are pulled over for a DUI.

Why every Florida driver needs uninsured/underinsured coverage

Unfortunately, there are many drivers on the road who choose to ignore insurance laws and view liability coverage as optional. This is evidenced by the fact that, according to the Florida Insurance Council, as many as 23 percent of drivers in the state may be uninsured. Staggering numbers like these make it clear that every driver needs coverage against uninsured and underinsured drivers. This is how you are protected.

You can end up footing the bill

Why unmarried fathers need to establish paternity

If you are married and have fathered a child, you will be considered that child's legal father in the eyes of the law. If you fathered a child outside of wedlock, however, there is no automatic "assumption" that you are the father. This means you will have to take some necessary steps to prove yourself a biological parent if you would like the same rights and privileges as a married father.

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