Planning For Divorce In Florida

If you think divorce is in your future, now is the time to begin planning. Planning for divorce does not mean that you will end up filing for divorce. It only means that you will be prepared if and when you decide to file.

The attorneys of Johnson & Montas P.A. are here to help you plan for divorce so you will be prepared financially and emotionally. To discuss divorce with an experienced and compassionate attorney, call 321-307-2048. From our office in Rockledge, we represent men and women in Brevard County and neighboring communities.

Here are some important matters to consider before you file for divorce:

  • Assets: Do you know all of the assets you and your spouse own? Do you know which assets are marital (subject to division) and which are not?
  • Debts: Many couples have more debts than assets. It's important to understand whether you will be responsible for a share of your spouse's debts. You may also want to obtain your own credit card and cancel joint credit cards.
  • Length of marriage: The longer you have been married, the more likely it is that alimony will be an issue in your divorce. It's also more likely that assets you thought were yours alone may have become commingled with marital property.
  • Parenting time: How will you want to split time with your children? A lawyer can tell you if your goals are realistic under Florida law.
  • Finances: It's more expensive to maintain two households than one. How much money will you have to live on after your divorce? If your spouse handles the family finances, now is the time when you need to learn.

It's important to gather the information you will need while you and your spouse are on reasonably good terms. Once you file for divorce, financial records may disappear and obtaining information from your spouse may become more difficult.

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