Why It's Important To Avoid A Criminal Conviction

Before you plead guilty to any crime, call the attorneys at Johnson & Montas P.A. at 321-307-2048 for a free initial consultation. If the offer is a good one, we'll advise you to take it. We'll also let you know if there are reasons you shouldn't take it. From our office in Rockledge, we represent people accused of drunk driving in Brevard County and neighboring communities.

Consequences Of A Conviction

Any misdemeanor or felony conviction will result in a permanent criminal record. If you have a criminal record, it will be visible to anyone who performs a background check on you.

Here are just some of the possible consequences of having a criminal record:

  • You could be turned down for a job.
  • You could be denied a security clearance you need for your job.
  • You could be denied a professional license.
  • You could be denied a federal student loan.
  • You could be denied a loan.
  • You could be unable to live in the apartment of your choice.
  • It could be illegal for you to possess firearms or ammunition.
  • You could become ineligible for a government program.
  • You could face far more serious consequences if you are convicted of a crime in the future.

The long-term consequences of a criminal record can be far more serious than the short-term consequences of a fine and jail time.

Can I clear my criminal record? If a past conviction is causing problems in your life, our lawyers may be able to clear or expunge it from your record. Convictions for many nonviolent first-time offenses can be cleared or expunged in Florida.

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