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When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, proving negligence can be tricky. Both companies and individuals can own large commercial trucks, and truck drivers themselves often don't own the vehicles they're driving. Complicating things even further, a third party often owns the trailer separately.

In a large truck accident, any number of people or entities could be held responsible for damages, including the truck's driver; the owner of the truck or trailer; the person or company that leased the truck/trailer; the manufacturer of the vehicle, the tires or other parts that could have caused the accident; and even the company that loaded the truck's cargo.

Trucking companies are required to do certain investigations and maintenance of records following an accident. Unfortunately, the law requires that some of these records be maintained for only six months. The reports found in these records often contain a gold mine of information that could be crucial to building your case against the at-fault party(ies) so obtaining these records in a timely manner, before they are destroyed, is important.

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